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Faiza Ejaz
   Great value and a great product. I've had trouble finding fitted sheets for the mattress that fits in a pack & play (as opposed to the mattress that comes with a pack & play). From the description I wasn't 100% sure that this is what I wanted, but I ordered it based off of other reviews and it's exactly what we wanted! I've had it for a few weeks now and it washes and wears great. I'll be ordering more soon!
Zlatinka Slavova
   A little thin but I guess that's what the 5.5 Oz. means...
Ronni Joe Marie Killion
   My granddaughter loved it
Leo Chow
   I have a 14-15" deep California king memory foam mattress, and none of the regular sheets I've ever bought for my bed stayed on, they would constantly pop off the corners. These sheets have enough stretch to keep them on my bed when we toss and turn at night. I've had them on for a few weeks and so far I haven't had to fix my sheets at all. I also use the flat sheet to sleep under, by itself, in the summertime. It gets to 75-85 degrees here at night, and these sheets are incredibly comfortable. I can sleep under these all night and not overheat. They are so soft and stretchy, I've bought another set. So far, I love these sheets and highly recommend them

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